Slug nematodes in Soybean: a survey for magic bullets in slug control.



Ivan Hiltpold (PI)

B. Kunkel, B. Cissel
& J. Tooker

2017 |       Funded by:

The Atlantic Soybean Council


This project aims at surveying slug-killing nematodes in the Mid-Atlantic region and Delaware. Slugs might be a serious threat on soybean and other crops and yet synthetic pesticide could be used, nematodes can be a very potent alternative to control this invertebrate pest. Nematode infected slugs would die in a matter of days and these particular round worm species is not affecting plant growth at all. This survey will allow to better know what is the status of the slug-parasitic nematodes in the region and to isolate potent nematodes which could eventually be used as control agents against slugs.


In addition, we will look at field edge effects on the slug populations and the nematodes abundance and effectiveness. Indeed, distances from field edges influences several trophic interactions and yet very little is known on this aspect in the current system.


Agricultural Entomology

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